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I’m Eva Simpson, the founder of ESPR. I can tell your story with authority and integrity so the world sits up and takes notice.

Eva Simpson Public Relations

ESPR is an independent, diverse and inclusive PR and communications company. Our focus is telling your unique story, your way, on the platforms you want to tell it and to the audiences you need to listen.

Our speciality is delivering high-impact campaigns for CEOs, founders, start-ups, entrepreneurs and leaders.

We’ll work hard to…

  • Raise your profile nationally and internationally
  • Achieve maximum exposure for your project
  • Develop clear and powerful messaging

Whatever your goal, we’ll use our PR skills, our experience and our energy to help you achieve it.

We take everything we do really seriously and are totally committed to getting the maximum profile and media coverage for our clients.

Clients and Partners

Our Services

We offer our client partners a close-up service, which works well if you are looking for a family-style business relationship that is truer, deeper and more meaningful than a typical cold, clinical, corporate partnership. We put you at the centre of what we do. Our relationship is about us asking what we can do for you, not what you can do for us. We talk to you like friends and treat you like family.

Media Coverage

We have a proven track record of getting our client partners coverage in global media brands as well as niche publications. We know which journalists to speak to and we know when to speak to them. Media coverage has led to our client partners appearing on their own TV shows, writing books, launching podcasts and taking part in influential panel discussions.

Speech Writing and Thought Leadership

Storytelling is in our DNA. We know you have lots to say but we don’t expect you towrite a 10,000-word speech or a 3,000-word thought leadership piece overnight. That’s what we do. We love to write. We work with you to craft the story you want to deliver.

Crisis Management

We guide you through any media storm ensuring you and your reputation are not left in tatters. We’ll deal with national newspaper editors and senior broadcast journalists because we have them on speed-dial – we know the boundaries and are perfectly placed to protect you. We work with media lawyers in the UK and Africa who we can discreetly call upon should the need arise.

Media Training and Coaching

We make sure you sound and look right. We ensure you know what you want to say and how to say it to get your message across. Our coaching sessions will also help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of a “car-crash” media interview.


Sometimes you want to speak to audiences with no filter and blogs and social media posts are a great way to do that. We use our storytelling skills so you communicate with clarity and purpose.


You don’t have just one special story to tell, you have multiple stories to tell at different times, for different purposes. We create a crystal clear media plan-of-action so you can tell your story, at the right time, to the audiences you want to hear it.


We provide support at key industry events and make sure media engagement goes smoothly and that every opportunity is maximised.


We host internal and external events for our client partners, including webinars and panel discussions.

Message Devleopment

We crystalise and simplify what you want to say, turning your thoughts into easily remembered mantras you can use whenever you tell your story.

Our Coverage, Our Results

Our work and our results speak for themselves. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the key stats around our most recent campaigns:

Black Heart Foundation Each
Day Every Day Launch:

Online readership reached an audience of


Estimated coverage views of


Impact X London-based venture firm:

Online readership reached an audience of


Estimated coverage views of


Springfield Oil Discovery:


Online readership reached an audience of


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Africa Focus

ESPR has a growing footprint in Africa. We have a proven track record of delivering for clients in emerging markets. Our focus is on great companies across a broad range of sectors and on individuals looking for international exposure.

We have led high-profile campaigns for long-term client Springfield Energy, the first independent African oil company to drill in deep water, Farmerline, an agritech company whose platform was hailed as one of the Best Inventions in the World in 2019 by TIME magazine; and Aqua Africa, who were instrumental in securing Ghana’s first Green Loan.

We work with our clients to ensure their stories are told with integrity and intelligence and in ways that break down tired efforts to frame African narratives around poverty, debt and aid.

We are proud of our African heritage and will always make sure the right stories are told in the right way. The ESPR logo is inspired by the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol for creativity which has been combined with founder Eva’s initial.

How can I help you?

Please get in touch – via email in the first instance – to discuss how ESPR can support you. The first step to creating a PR plan tailored to your needs.

We’ll get right back to you.