Impact X CEO, Eric Collins, stars in Dorchester Collection’s Belong to the Legend Series

Impact X CEO and co-founder, and ESPR client Eric Collins, has been chosen as one of the distinguished pioneers to star in the Dorchester Collection‘s Belong to the Legend series.

The Belong to the Legend series celebrates the journeys of 12 remarkable trailblazers hailing from diverse backgrounds, spanning business, the arts, and beyond. These individuals share a common vision of curiosity, resilience, and a commitment to making a positive, enduring impact on the world.

Eric, a renowned investor, founder, and serial entrepreneur, leads Impact X Capital, a double-bottom line VC firm focused on investing in underrepresented innovators in Europe, particularly women and founders of colour, in key sectors: digital and technology, health, education and well-being, and media and entertainment.

He was invited to lend his voice to this esteemed collection of thought leaders. In his featured episode, filmed in the vibrant cities of London and Rome, Eric shares his unique perspective on effecting change and challenging the status quo to drive social progress.

In this captivating documentary, viewers will have the opportunity to delve into Eric’s remarkable journey – from his upbringing amidst the American civil rights movement to his advisory role with former President Barack Obama. Eric also shares insights into why he views investing as a potent catalyst for driving meaningful change in society.

Witness Eric’s inspiring story unfold in the fourth episode of the Belong to the Legend series. Prepare to be captivated by his compelling narrative and profound insights into the power of resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of positive change.

Stay tuned as we celebrate Eric Collins’ unwavering commitment to reshaping the world for the better, one bold step at a time.

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